Effeclean News Release: We made the cut!

Effeclean Made the Cut!

Renowned chemical testing and Analysis Company Cambridge Materials Testing Inc, of Mississauga, Ontario has released its final report on the claims of Effeclean Canada Inc on some of the green cleaning products they carry and it’s a green pass.

Cambridge Materials Testing Inc, (Accredited Laboratory No. 447) is a certified independent testing laboratory (ISO 17025) by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) has performed over 65 different tests and analysis to verify the claims made by Effeclean Canada Inc on 8 products currently on the market with all of the products meeting the claims made by Effeclean Canada.

As Canada is awash by “green- washing” the term coined for companies claims of “Green” but not proven. Effeclean Canada Inc is pleased to announce that their eight products are green, clean and true to the claims made.

About Shyaan Boodoo

Founder and managing CEO of Effeclean Canada Inc., Shyaan Boodoo, is from the Southern Caribbean and a dad of a little 5 year old girl and a handsome 11 year old guy. In 2009, Shyaan wanted a career change and his shopping experiences in Canada pushed him to make a difference in an area of business he was passionate about. Shyaan launched Effeclean as a direct response to the market need for pure and clean eco cleaning products – the way nature intended them to be.

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