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Effeclean Canada Inc is proud to launch a new fundraising program design for schools and organizations across Canada. Our products are 100% Canadian made. Effeclean Canada is an all Canadian eco product manufacturer specializing in environmentally responsible cleaners.

We have just developed a fundraising program for schools and organizations. It is a simple program to administer and will be very profitable. Whether you are seeking funds for, sports equipment, computers, playground equipment, school band, a school trip, or just for your classroom, an Effeclean eco-products fundraiser is an exciting, easy, and profitable experience. Having an Effeclean eco-products fundraiser can quickly raise the funds and provide a product that are needed.

The benefits and advantage of an Effeclean Eco-product fundraiser is

  • Selling useful products
  • Canadian made products
  • Ethically produce
  • Locally sourced raw materials
  • Easy to execute
  • 100% profit
  • Risk free

Effeclean eco tablet/laptop Screen Cleaner programs you will earn 50% of your total fund-raising sales amount.

The following is a sample product that can get you started!

Effeclean Tablet & Laptop Screen Cleaner!

 Baby Hardwood Cleaner Effeclean eco Tablet/laptop screen cleaner are manufactured using a European Union Formulation guideline, ensuring the highest standard possible in environmentally responsible products. Using the most advance breakthrough in screen surface chemistry, it separates the molecular bonds that dirt, dust, and air-born contaminants use to adhere to the screen surface. Effeclean eco tablet/laptop screen cleaner is streak-free and leaves an anti-static barrier which repels dust and fingerprints which means you will have to clean your screen less frequently. Effeclean eco tablet/laptop screen cleaner is manufactured in Canada using locally sourced ingredients and packaging. The product is completely safe around kids!

Our Tablet/laptop screen cleaner is tough enough to clean the most dirtiest screen yet safe on any screen including, High definition screens, Tablets, Laptops, Cell phones, Plasma Screen, LCD Displays, Flat Screen, Touch Screen, Computers, MP3’s, PDA’s, Video & Camera Displays, Automotive Displays. Completely safe on anti-glare coating and will not etch any screen.

Effeclean Tablet Screen Cleaner is environmentally safe and locally sourced!

Rapidly Biodegradable
Phosphate Free
Lead Free Bottles
Formaldehyde Free
HPDE Bottles
Chlorine Free
Voc’s Free
Alcohol Free
Ammonia Free
Acid free
Petroleum Free

As the world of screens continue to grow and evolve around us, from cell phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, TV’s, GPS and the list continue to expand, the needs for a screen cleaner will only rise. Tablets and laptops is quickly becoming essential work related equipment. From graphic designers, bloggers, editors, doctors, teachers, sales reps, field engineers and the list goes on, realize the need and usefulness these equipments on a daily basis that allows the instant transfer of information makes work a little easier and play more fun.

Shyaan Boodoo
Fundraising Coordinator
For more information or to schedule an onsite presentation, please call 416-575-3662 or email