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Adam Malik, featured in The Canadian Business Journal reviews Eco Bathroom Cleaner

“Effeclean Eco bathroom cleaner is great product, it cleaned everything quickly and easily. The cleaner got the counters, sink and bathtub nice and clean with minimal effort. No rubber gloves were needed, there were no fumes at all, no smell or residue left behind. It made such a remarkably different experience than using typical household cleaners. It’s a very good product.”

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Children’s reviews Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner

“I vacuumed and busted out the shiny new bottle of Hardwood Floor Cleaner and hoped that it would take the sticky away without damaging my floor. (another obsession of mine…my floors are perfectly shiny and I like them that way!) The sticky mess that my usual vinegar and water go to couldn’t clean came up flawlessly with the Effeclean product. It was almost as if I could hear the Angels sing as the floor became shiny and clean again.”

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Kristyl Clark from She’s a Valley Mom Reviews Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner

“Ecobaby Hardwood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated for the care and cleaning of varnish, acrylic, polyurethane, solid wood, engineered floors and laminate floors. This product is safe, and easy to use – straight from the bottle.”

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Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom Reviews Eco Baby Bathroom Cleaner

“Best of all was the bathtub: after leaving the cleaner sit for a few minutes on the crayon (made for the tub but similar to a real crayon), it easily came off with little scrubbing. It’s a time saver for the family. There is a mild scent to the cleaner that dissipates very quickly.”

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Jess from The Fevered Pen Reviews Eco Pet Hardwood Floor Cleaner

“…It’s extremely easy to use too, just spray and wipe! Not only is it great for a major clean, but it’s perfect for the in-between, my-dog-just-stepped-in-mud cleans. Which he does, a lot! And, better still…look at how shiny my floors are! There aren’t any harmful VOC’s or toxic film residue, and it cleaned streak free – just like it advertises to do…”

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Domesticated Momma’s Review of Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Granite & Marble Cleaner

“…I use this cleaner on a daily basis. It’s fragrance free, and free of harsh chemicals, which makes me comfortable to use the cleaner so often in a common area and also an area where meals are prepared. I never have to worry about toxic or harmful residues from the cleaner transfering into any of the meals I prepare for the family. Not only that I’m guaranteed a nice clean finish every time. The Granite & Marble Cleaner never leaves behind any films or residues.”

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Lil Sugar’s Review of Eco Bathroom and Hardwood Cleaner

“…at first the smell was so minute that I thought it wasn’t working much, until I went around and sprayed the entire surface. It left my floor shiny, and clean without a residue or thick film! I love it!” … “Overall, I wish I had known about these eco-friendly alternatives when I had small babies. I really trust that effeclean is manufacturing products that keep our home clean and safe.”

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The Baby Spot reviews Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner

“…a hardwood floor cleaner that is free of phosphates, chlorine, ammonia and V.O.Cs. It is biodegradable and alcohol free.” … ” with a little baby who is curious and wants to crawl around (and in our case, attempt to walk), we don’t want harmful chemicals around them. That’s why we are thankful for Effeclean. We also have a Yorkie with incredibly sensitive skin (a puppy mill survivor) and when we use the floor cleaner, it does not bother her little paws.” … “Effeclean makes our living room clean.”

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Change Matt reviews Baby Bathroom Cleaner

“The first time I put the Bathroom Cleaner to the test was after a period of slightly negligent housecleaning and I was pleased to see that the built up soap scum stains were removed after letting the product sit for a few minutes, followed by a bit of scrubbing. The next time I used the Bathroom Cleaner no scrubbing was necessary. I sprayed the product and wiped away with a reusable cloth. Ecobaby Bathroom Cleaner has a slight scent that dissipates quickly after use.”

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Judy Beeksma reviews LCD Screen Cleaner and Genuine All Purpose Cleaner

“…I have been so impressed with this company. A Canadian startup that wants to do it right. Making a claim and sticking to it…” “…It gave such a non-streak finish to those surfaces. I used it on the TV and the computer screens. It was so quick…no second wiping to get off residual cleaner…”

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