About Effeclean

Safe to use, safe for the environment.


Effeclean Canada Inc.

Founder and managing CEO of Effeclean Canada Inc., Shyaan Boodoo, is from the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the Southern Caribbean. In 1988, Shyaan moved to Toronto, Canada. Having spent his childhood and early adult years in Trinidad and Tobago, Shyaan only knew farm-grown foods, pure products and natural ingredients – quite the opposite from what he experienced upon his move to Canada.

In 2008, Shyaan wanted a career change and his shopping experiences in Canada pushed him to make a difference in an area of business he was passionate about. Shyaan launched Effeclean as a direct response to the market need for pure and clean products – the way nature intended them to be.

“We all need to eat, and we all need to clean.” – Shyaan Boodoo

Choosing to concentrate his efforts on the latter portion of this phrase, Effeclean provides consumers and businesses with environmentally sound and safe cleaning products for their homes, offices, warehouses, factories and automobiles. You can clean in full comfort, knowing that the products you use are safe for you, your family and your employees.
With a clean formula and environmentally safe practices, Effeclean’s focus lies in the expansion of its name throughout Canada.

Commercially: Effeclean increases social accountability, environmental image and sales numbers for all of our customers.

Domestically: Effeclean preserves personal health and enhances comfort and safety in the homes of consumers through the use of our safe and natural cleaning products.

Future Vision

With a no-fault policy for adherence to the strictest green standards employed by the European Union, Effeclean continues to work its way towards the establishment of a renowned name in the green cleaning products marketplace. As the number of clients who use Effeclean products increases, and as the Effeclean product line grows, it is clear that this is a brand name here to stay.

What We Stand For

Effeclean Canada Inc. stands by its product lines: Eco BabyEco Pet, and Genuine Eco Products. We do not cut corners and we do not make false proclamations. From the formula, to the ingredients we use, right down to the recycleable bottles we use, we are a green company.

We stand by our contribution to a more sustainable environment. Our operational processes are efficient and effective to ensure that production is optimized. An individual’s impact on the environment is minimized through the use of our products.

We stand by our clients’ needs. Whether business or consumer, our products provide benefits to personal health, environmental sustainability, and corporate profits with an undeniable rise in the demand for green products.

What Makes Us Different

Many “green” cleaners in today’s marketplace claim to be safe for people and the environment but still contain toxic ingredients. Other “green” cleaners are safe and free of toxins but just do not work very well. When we developed our cleaning formulas our goal was to be truly green and yet offer unrivalled cleaning performance. At Effecelan we have met and exceeded that goal, with an innovative line of products made to the strict green standards employed by the European Union, but offering the cleaning performance of professional grade cleaners.

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