Proven formulations that are both green and provide effective cleaning performance. We offer a complete range of cleaning products for a wide variety of applications such as hardwood floor cleaner and hard surface disinfectants.

Heavy Duty All Purpose Degreaser

4 L

Effeclean™ Genuine Heavy Duty All Purpose Degreaser is an effective, eco-friendly solution for the heavy duty cleaning of industrial and institutional kitchens. This heavy duty degreaser is ideal for use on exhaust hoods, air filters, fryers, grills, floors, sinks, appliances, cabinets, and everywhere else that fats, oils, and grease exist. Non-flammable, contains no harsh chemicals, leaves no slippery residue, and contains no dangerous toxic fumes. Delivers the performance necessary for the restaurant and food preparation industry, while meeting today’s standards for safety and concern for the environment.

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