Proven formulations that are both green and provide effective cleaning performance. We offer a complete range of cleaning products for a wide variety of applications such as hardwood floor cleaner and hard surface disinfectants.

Fragrance Free

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floor Cleaner

946 mL

Effeclean™ Genuine Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a revolutionary cleaning product that provides numerous benefits for your floors. First and foremost, it is safe and effective for cleaning and maintaining various types of floors, including varnish, acrylic, polyurethane, solid wood, engineered floors, Wide plank, Oak Floors, Maple Floors, Vinyl, and laminate floors. One of its key advantages is the absence of harmful VOC’s and toxic film residue, making it a healthier choice for your home. Its streak-free cleaning formula ensures that your hardwood floors retain their natural warmth and elegance, preserving their beauty for years to come. What sets Effeclean™ apart is its fragrance-free composition, making it safe for pets, kids, and seniors. With Effeclean™ Genuine Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner, you can ensure both the cleanliness and longevity of your floors, while also prioritizing the health and safety of your loved ones.

Fragrance Free | Product ID: 13045 | Size: 946 mL

Hardwood floor cleaner

Proper cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors are essential for preserving their beauty and longevity. Hardwood floors add elegance and value to any space, but they require regular care to keep them looking their best. By following the right cleaning methods and avoiding certain products, you can ensure that your hardwood floors remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Effeclean Canada Inc. is proud to offer a new generation of cleaning products, based on environmentally friendly cleaning agents derived from naturally occurring vegetable oils and fats such as coconuts, plus renewable agricultural resources such as corn, soybeans and sugar cane. Safe to use, safe for the environment.

Volatile Organic Compound Free
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free (SLS)
PVC Free Bottles
Phosphate Free
Soldium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Free
Ammonia Free
Diethanolamine Free (DEA)
Chlorine Free
Triethanolamine Free (TEA)
Alcohol Free
Formaldehyde Free
Petroleum Free