Welcome to Effeclean Canada Inc – A 100% Canadian entity based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Effeclean Canada is a manufacturer of eco-responsible cleaning products. We are proud to support Canadian businesses every step of the way. From our suppliers to our marketing efforts, packaging, and shipping materials, we prioritize collaborating with local firms. By choosing Effeclean, you not only create a healthier environment for your homes and offices, but you also contribute to the continued growth of our economy and the preservation of Canadian jobs. Together, let’s support Canadian businesses and build a prosperous future for all.

Effeclean products offer numerous benefits for both consumers and the Canadian economy. Firstly, by using Effeclean products, consumers can contribute to a safer and healthier environment. These products are designed with eco-responsible ingredients, reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals, and promoting sustainable practices.

We are committed to promoting sustainable practices within Canada and we contribute to the growth of local businesses. This commitment ensures that your purchase directly benefits Canadian businesses and helps sustain employment opportunities for Canadians. Join the Effeclean movement and be a part of promoting sustainable practices in Canada while strengthening the local job market. Together, we can make a difference!