Effeclean makes eco
friendly products that are
safe to use, and safe for
the environment.
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Effeclean cleaning products are cruelty free
Effeclean Eco Baby Cleaning Products

Our EcoBaby line of products are safe to use around children, but tough enough to clean up the mess.

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Effeclean Eco Pet Cleaning Products

We all love pets, but we hate the mess they make! Our line of pet friendly products will help you out more than ever!

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Effeclean Safe Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Proven formulations that are both green and provide effective cleaning

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Effeclean products are made in CanadaEffeclean™ Cleaning Products are made in Canada. In fact all of our suppliers, marketing, packaging and shipping materials are all from Canadian firms. Our goal is not just to make a better, safer environment for our homes and offices but to help keep our economy growing and keep Canadians employed. Learn more