Take care of your pet the safer way with eco friendly non-toxic safe Eco-Pet Cleaners. Contains no harmful or caustic chemicals that leave toxic residues in your pets living environment.

Fragrance & Fragrance Free

Odour Remover

946 mL and 250 mL

Effeclean™ Eco-Pet Odour Removers do not mask odours with perfume, they eliminate odours by attacking and neutralizing the source contaminants, leaving the area smelling fresh and clean. The active ingredient in our Eco-Pet Odour Removers neutralizes odours on contact on the molecular level rendering them undetectable.

Fragrance | Product ID: 13007 | Size: 946 mL
Fragrance Free | Product ID: 13012 | Size: 946 mL
Fragrance | Size: 250 mL
Fragrance Free | Size: 250 mL

Effeclean Canada Inc. is proud to offer a new generation of cleaning products, based on environmentally friendly cleaning agents derived from naturally occurring vegetable oils and fats such as coconuts, plus renewable agricultural resources such as corn, soybeans and sugar cane. Safe to use, safe for the environment.

Volatile Organic Compound Free
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free (SLS)
PVC Free Bottles
Phosphate Free
Soldium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Free
Ammonia Free
Diethanolamine Free (DEA)
Chlorine Free
Triethanolamine Free (TEA)
Alcohol Free
Formaldehyde Free
Petroleum Free